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Creating and flying a virtual cross-country task in FSX

Related to this post are two YouTube videos. Part 1 shows the flight plan creation for a cross-country soaring task based at Aboyne in Scotland using Plan-G.  It also includes the configuration of the weather and soaring environment using FSX and CumulusX!   Part 2 shows my attempt at flying this task in the Aerosoft Discus X. The videos can be accessed at the end of this post

Aimlessly soaring about the virtual countryside in FSX might be one way to view some new scenery, to test a new glider model or to practice soaring skills, but it can become boring after a while.  To avoid boredom I provide structure to my soaring flights by using a set task with some specific goals.  In addition to specific goals, variety, new challenges and a good measure of adventure are all essential to maintaining continued interest in this virtual sport. I get a lot of satisfaction out of designing and flying my own cross-country tasks, but I also like flying the tasks designed and shared by others because the bigger the creative pool of designers is, the more variety there is. Continue reading

Using Active Sky Next with CumulusX! to create a virtual soaring environment

Related to this post is a YouTube video featuring one my virtual cross-country soaring tasks in the Aerosoft Discus X. The video can be accessed at the end of this post.

This is the third cross-country flight in a series of test flights using real-world weather add-ons for FSX.  This series of flights explores the notion of using a real-world weather add-on to augment the virtual soaring environment provided by CumulusX!.  The methodologies I chose to test this notion are not rigorous. The test flights were as much about enjoying a cross country task based on some newly acquired Orbx scenery for Laufenselden airfield as they were about discovering some potential new ways to create a virtual soaring environment.  Nevertheless,  I  am going to take the liberty of drawing some overall conclusions, from the anecdotal evidence acquired in these experimental flights. Continue reading