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Wolfgang Piper’s gliders for FSX


Glaser-Dirks DG-600-17 for FSX by Wolfgang Piper

Without the incredible collection of vintage, classic and contemporary gliders provided by Wolfgang Piper and his helpers, virtual soaring enthusiasts like myself would be faced with  a dearth of glider models to choose from.   These models are freeware but many of them match the quality of payware models and they just keep getting better with recent new releases.  So if you have the slightest interest in virtual gliding, take a look at the incredible range of models available at: Wolfgang’s website


Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18 for FSX by Wolfgang Piper


A few of my favourite models from Wolfgang’s collection are:

Schleicher ASW 27 B Very competitive for racing events
Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18 No flaps – good for beginners but still a very competitive 18m class racer
Schleicher ASH 25 Extremely challenging but very convincing flight model. Outstanding L/D ratio for those extra big blue holes between thermals.
Schleicher ASW 20 CL-J A jet powered motor glider – very versatile
Schleicher ASK 21 Nice 2 seater training model – no retractable gear to worry about
Glaser-Dirks DG-600-17 See my YouTube test flight below
Schleicher ASG 29 Nice 18m class racing glider


YouTube Test Flight – DG-600-17

Recently I made a video of my test flight of the Glaser-Dirks DG-600-17.  It is a short flight from McBride (CAV4) to Valemount (CAH4) in British Columbia Canada using the outstanding Orbx FTX Northern Rocky Mountains scenery.  It was mostly ridge running with a little bit thermal soaring and a relaxing long final glide, giving me time to appreciate the scenery. It does not get any better than this unless you are fortunate enough to go soaring in the real world.