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Flying in FSX with AI gliders based on replayed IGC log files


Soaring over the Victorian Alps – Aerosoft Discus X in FSX

I was contacted recently by another flight simmer that is interested in virtual gliding in FSX. He goes by the on-line name of harryosh and he described a very interesting way to fly in FSX against real-world flight logs (IGC files) while using an approximation of real-world weather injected by Active Sky Next (ASN). As you can see in some of my YouTube videos, I have some doubts about achieving an effective soaring environment using ASN with CumulusX!. However, harryosh has provided a good description of how this combination can work in the right circumstances and has also provided a sample task on his blog at:

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Getting A2A Cessna pre-flight inspection to work with EZDOC camera add-on

As I have mentioned elsewhere in my blog site, I am interested in a lot more than just virtual gliding when it comes to flight simulation.  In recent years the graphics, sound and the credibility of systems and flight modelling of aircraft models for FSX and P3D have improved beyond anything that I ever anticipated. I never cease to be amazed at the success the add-on developers are achieving in breathing new life into FSX.

Three outstanding examples in the GA light aircraft class in my FSX hanger are the A2A Simulations models: the Cessna C172 Trainer, the Piper PA20-180 Cherokee and the Cessna C182T Skylane. The pre-flight or walk-around feature included in all three of these models adds significantly to the perceived realism and immersive experience and I use this unique feature on every flight.

04-Dec-14 4-20-40 PM

Unfortunately, the pre-flight inspection feature of these three models does not play well with the popular EZDOC camera add-on. Ever since the C172 was released there has been discussion in the A2A and other forums and several “fixes” have been suggested but all seem to involve compromises.

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