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FSX Multiplayer Ridge Soaring Tyagarah – Murwillumbah

This was an FSX Multiplayer ridge soaring adventure along the escarpment to the west of Murwillumbah in Northern NSW Australia. I flew this event with Harry Osh, the task designer. We both flew jet powered motor-gliders (Model: ASW20 CL-J B21 by Wolfgang Piper et. al.)  We used Active Sky Next to provide historical real-world weather and CumulusX! to generate the ridge lift.

(There is a link to the YouTube video of this flight at the end of this post)

This was another entertaining and enjoyable adventure in virtual gliding but my preparation for this multiplayer event was a bit rushed and there were some consequences from which I learned some valuable lessons.  Moreover, this ridge soaring event and subsequent post flight testing has uncovered another impediment against Active Sky Next being used to enhance the virtual soaring environment.


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