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My new avatar portraitI am back after a six-month absence due to major surgery and ongoing health issues. I am still unwell but determined to continue for as long as I can with my virtual gliding and flight sim hobby in general.

For me right now, flight simulator is a distraction from my ongoing health related ordeals that fate has unexpectedly dealt me.  Flight simulation provides me with an effective, albeit temporary, escape from the real world. I notice this therapeutic effect most when I am involved in any activity that requires intense concentration. So any enjoyable hobby like this seems to be good therapy. Nevertheless, I still find time to be with family and friends or just sit outside in the sun and smell the flowers every now and then,  It is amazing how much more intense and appreciated the best things in life are when you are faced with imminent demise.

Moreover, I intend to publish some more blogs and YouTube videos because these activities are enjoyable and also help to keep my mind off my current condition.