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FSX Multiplayer Ridge Soaring Tyagarah – Murwillumbah

This was an FSX Multiplayer ridge soaring adventure along the escarpment to the west of Murwillumbah in Northern NSW Australia. I flew this event with Harry Osh, the task designer. We both flew jet powered motor-gliders (Model: ASW20 CL-J B21 by Wolfgang Piper et. al.)  We used Active Sky Next to provide historical real-world weather and CumulusX! to generate the ridge lift.

(There is a link to the YouTube video of this flight at the end of this post)

This was another entertaining and enjoyable adventure in virtual gliding but my preparation for this multiplayer event was a bit rushed and there were some consequences from which I learned some valuable lessons.  Moreover, this ridge soaring event and subsequent post flight testing has uncovered another impediment against Active Sky Next being used to enhance the virtual soaring environment.


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Multiplayer cross-country virtual gliding tasks in FSX


For years theUK Virtual Gliding Association (UKVGA) have been providing twice weekly multiplayer (MP) virtual gliding events on Tuesday and Friday evenings in UK time and using VATSIM as the MP hosting service. This works very well for the club because they have members with a range of different MP capabilities that are compatible with VATSIM and most members live in time zones aligned with, or close to, the UK. Unfortunately the time scheduling of these events are not suitable for the time zone in which I live.

Late last year, Harry Osh, another virtual gliding enthusiast like myself and member of the UKVGA, contacted me via my blog and suggested we try some multiplayer flights together since we both live in time zones that are not too dissimilar.   Since then we have been testing various FSX multiplayer options for members of the UK Virtual Gliding Association that live in Oceania time zones like ourselves.


NZSD MP Task1 20150206215129

Because there are only two of us currently involved in this project, we have agreed to make the task of setting up these events more interesting by trialling some new and sometimes radical ideas including: use of real-weather injection programs, trialing of various MP hosting alternatives and the addition of other AI gliders to our events.  Moreover, we chose to base our tasks on Orbx FTX scenery for Australia and New Zealand to make our virtual cross-country gliding tasks even more convincing and enjoyable.  The Orbx scenery is ideal for cross-country gliding and low VFR flights in general. Continue reading

Flying in FSX with AI gliders based on replayed IGC log files


Soaring over the Victorian Alps – Aerosoft Discus X in FSX

I was contacted recently by another flight simmer that is interested in virtual gliding in FSX. He goes by the on-line name of harryosh and he described a very interesting way to fly in FSX against real-world flight logs (IGC files) while using an approximation of real-world weather injected by Active Sky Next (ASN). As you can see in some of my YouTube videos, I have some doubts about achieving an effective soaring environment using ASN with CumulusX!. However, harryosh has provided a good description of how this combination can work in the right circumstances and has also provided a sample task on his blog at:

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