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Hi I am James and I am a flight simulation enthusiast. Flight simulation covers a broad range of specialisations and different categories of aircraft and I am interested in many of them but my standout favourite flight simulation activity will always be cross-country virtual gliding.

I have for a long time been a member of the UK Virtual Gliding Association (UKVGA). Anyone interested in virtual soaring with FSX should consider joining the UKVGA. They are a bunch of friendly and helpful virtual soaring enthusiasts. Their website and forum provide a rich source of information and resources to help you get started with this virtual sport.

The UKVGA conduct their operations along the lines of a typical real-world English gliding club. The club also organises two multiplayer on-line flights in FSX each week for their members.  At these multiplayer events, members have a  choice of one-on-one training or participation in cross-country tasks.  The tasks feature a wide range of gliding locations around the world in realistic soaring weather situations using FSX and CumulusX!  All of the cross-country tasks may be flown off-line if preferred – this is useful, if like me, you reside in an unsuitable time zone for attending the on-line events.

So checkout their home page – maybe this virtual sport is for you!

Member of UK Virtual Gliding Association

Member of UK Virtual Gliding Association

2 thoughts on “The UK Virtual Gliding Association

  1. Ben

    Hi there,
    I’ve been flying gliders in fsx for a while- the UKVGA looks great and I created an account a while back. However, I still haven’t been verified, is there anyone I can contact to help with this? Id really like to do some xc tasks with other people and the UKVGA looks awesome!
    Ben :)

    1. James Allen Post author

      Hi Ben,
      New members of the UKVGA are usually verified and announced to existing members within about 24 hours, so I am not sure what has happened. A new member of the UKVGA named “Ben” was announced in the last 24 hours and welcomed in the forum by a bunch of members including myself – would that have been you by any chance? Or are you still having trouble getting access to the forum, or some other area of the UKVGA website?
      I don’t have much to go on here other than your first name and an email address, which I can pass on to our membership manager for further investigation, but only if you give me your permission to do that.


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