Bathurst to Wollongong cross-country glider race in FSX

The video is rather long (one and a half hours) but it does capture the entire task from launch to landing including a brief comparison of our task results at the end. It features one of our regular UK Virtual Gliding multiplayer events on VATSIM specifically setup for members living in Oceania compatible time zones. In this cross-country racing task for 15m gliders there were only two participants, myself and Will Robb.  I was flying a Discus CS (Aerosoft Discus X by Specific 3D Design).  The Discus CS is just a Discus B manufactured in the Czech Republic. Will was flying a Discus 2b, one of the outstanding freeware models from Wolfgang Piper.  The Discus 2b is an improved version of the Discus B.

Bathurst to Wollongong flight plan in Plan-G

Bathurst to Wollongong flight plan in Plan-G

This is a straight line task of just under 89 nautical miles (164 km).  From the start line at Raglan Park near Bathurst airport we have to fly past Oberon and then over the wilderness areas at the Southern end of the Blue Mountains National Park and the Warragamba Dam catchment, much of which is devoid of safe land-out opportunities.  Adding to this challenge, there is a shelf of controlled airspace extending out from Kingsford Smith Airport at Sydney restricting climb height in thermals unless a substantial course deviation to the South is taken.  Final glide estimates across the Nepean Dam catchment are complicated by the need to clear the ridge line at the top of the coastal escarpment before crossing the finish line above a minimum task arrival height of 500 feet AGL mid-field over Wollongong airport.

The competition soaring environment was provided by CumulusX! with FSX custom weather defined by Will Robb, the designer of this task. The wind was only 4 to 5 knots from the SE so there was no useful ridge lift.  Thus we had to rely on thermals to fly this task.

As always, any UKVGA members who missed this event can still download this task package  from the UKVGA forum and fly it offline at any time.



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